Drown Again

What drowns your poor heart my beloved?
She asked.
Deafening Silence she got
My mind lost in reminiscent.
My shoulder she patted
I turned to look at her.
The love in her eyes split my heart wide open.
So I bled on her.
I bled as though my aorta had been cut open.
I bled because bleeding is all I could  do.

I bled about the first Kiss.
I bled about the caress.
The first time I lost breath in her arms
Yet I was alive.
I had never been more alive.
Breathless yet so alive.
A Conundrum I can not fathom.

I bled about the laughs and cries we drowned in.
I bled about the smiles and frowns we masked ourselves with.
I bled about moments lost
Moments froze in time.
Most of all
My heart bled about the time we made love
A Hindi Song our soundtrack
Who knew that a Zeeworld Rhythm would make me find love in a Dark place.

I bled because bleeding is all my heart does.
Reminiscing about her
Cuts me open

She looked me in the eye.
Let go my child, She whispered.
Let go lest you bleed all your love away.
Let go.
Rivers don’t drown souls.
Souls drown in rivers.

Let go my child.
Lest this darkness engulfs your soul
Let light in again
For in pain their is nothing beyond wisdom and strength to gain.
Dance again
For sometimes love is pain
With everything to gain.

Sing again
For Rhythm & Soul is all the raving you need.
Let the Rhythm & Bluez die for a moment.
For a moment is all is needed to love again.
Do unleash all that holds you bondage.
For we drown in the River not for Falling In them.
We drown for staying submerged in them.
Not in the water but in Love.

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