The Man With A Dark Story

Often times when choosing a  lover or Leader, society has always chosen a man with a story of repentance from a dark past. The argument has always been that a repented man with a dark history has learned his lessons and can never error again. And if they do, it will be to a limited extent.

Yet time and time again we have seen these men do the exact opposite. Which is repeat the very dark “mistakes” they allegedly learned from for selfish reasons which benefit them.
When that happens, that is, a man continuing being unfaithful either be it in marriage or as a leader of a nation we cry faul saying he let us down.

Like how do we find the energy to complain when we knew the kind of man he was to begin with? True, ones history does not entirely define their future as people do change,  but shouldn’t history be a warning sign of what might come as history tends to repeat itself?

We completely sideline men with a clean story as we regard them to be too clean to be a leader without trial.

Point is I think it’s time we let clean men rule as they maybe what we need to restore morality to the leadership of the world at large because the men with juicy dark stories have turned this world into what it is today, A MESS  NOT FIT FOR HUMAN OCCUPATION.

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