The “GET HER DRUNK” Mentality.

I know rape is mostly perpetuated by men and the blame is entirely placed on them. However, there are some situations where a man didn’t seem to know exactly that what he committed was rape because of extenuating circumstances. One circumstance in particular has been on my mind. And that is the situation where rape occurs when both the victim and the perpetrator are DRUNK.

So, I figured I could give a view that has fostered the phrase “Get Her Drunk” among guys. The thing is when most girls want to indulge in sex, they usually want to have a beer or two or some form of intoxication before getting down to a shag. They do so to numb their moral compass about sex before marriage, in most cases, or simply to have the courage to do it.

However, this has inevitably given guys the perception that girls can only indulge in sex when they are drunk. Because of this guys think when a girl says NO while she is sober, she is only playing hard to get because she is not drunk. As a result most guys think a girl saying yes to a drink implies yes to sex. And when a girl indulges in sex while sober, to guys it’s not just a girl being comfortable  with  her sexuality,  it’s her being a slut which is very wrong.

Keep in mind we live in a society with double standards where somehow its okay for men to sexually explore before matrimony yet it’s a HARD NO for girls. The question we fail to ask time and time again is who are men exploring sex with if girls are not allowed to explore.?? Are they shagging dogs or perhaps cows?

The worst part of the “Get Her Drunk Mentality” is that most guys who do it don’t think they are doing anything wrong. They think its normal because girls usually want to intoxicate themselves before sex.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming the victims of this heinous crime. I’m simply saying we need to change the perception and narrative about sex before marriage. And Ladies you need to stop the “I NEED TO BE TIPSY BEFORE I CAN SHAG” Mentality. It inevitably fosters a wrong perception about the state of mind a girl needs to be in before sex. Embrace your sexuality boldly. If a guy calls you are slut for sleeping with him while you are sober, dump that fool and walk with your head held high knowing you embrace your sexuality as opposed to being victimized.

Fellas, we need to invest in studying the Art of Seduction from either books or digital media (NOT Porn), so we stop indulging in this rampant DATE RAPE that has corroded our moral compass to the point of doing it without knowing we are raping. Hell we need to stop treating the “Get Her Drunk Mentality” like its normal in our GUY TALK Conversations. It has to stop Now. Because in future you will have a Daughter and I don’t think you want her falling victim to a behaviour you helped foster and normalize.

Ladies be bold with your sexuality. Embrace it and educate one another about it. It’s your body. Own its physical sensual needs as you own it when you flaunt it’s beauty.
Fellas study the Art of Seduction from books or Digital media. Better yet talk to your player friend who gets the girls with ease. Hell I bet YouTube has this stuff on it. And Porn has Zero Seduction Education Guys..!!!!! It doesn’t count as a source of digital media for Seduction Education.


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