I prayed
To the sea for a feeling so deep blue
To the volcano for a feeling so Amber, it burns
To the moon for a feeling so fluorescent
It lights up a devil’s heart.
I prayed to the sun for a feeling deep yellow

And memories of me with my friends come to heart.
The moment in the sun
The heat blazing on our faces
As we ran ourselves into dehydration
Swam in muddy waters to the dismay of mother
Summer smiles so joy filled
Disregarding the ass whipping waiting at home.

The moment under the moonlight
The calm of the night under the twilight
So blissful,
Love blossomed
Two by two cartapiller by two
We could barely see where we set foot
I guess love is truly blind

The moment  we fought over silly stupid things
Yet we remembered that we were more than those fights could ever be.
Loneliness still accompanies these memories

The moment in the sea
The cold water soaking our skin
Kisses, snuggles and tight hugs
Keeping us warm in this cold sea

The Sand Beneath our feet
Siavonga beaches so hot
Samfya beaches so warm
Dancing our hearts away
Like toddlers in the sandpit

The smell of the rain
Every drop on our faces was Devine
Soul cleansing like a bath long yearned for
And yearn for it we did
Our souls needed it

The dust on our faces
Linen Stained beyond washable
Like wine stain on a rug
Mother will get angry
Care for mother’s wrath we threw to the winds
For we were thirsting a cleansing so deep and sensual

We were joyful little creatures of the moon & sun
I wish I could stay longer my friends
But now its time to grow
Sing lullabies to my little ones
For they too need to make FRIENDS LIKE YOU.

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