Wet Warmth

He held her in his arms.
Her soft skin felt like silk.
He smiled.
She smiled back.
He pursed his lips.
Ready to plant a big one on her.
As he leaned forward,
A sudden stream of warmth poured on his lap.

It sent him into shock.
The sound of his shock sent her into giggles and laughter as she kicked her little feet.
She had wet his pants.
He giggled and laughed.
For that was all there was to do.
She was his little girl.
His baby girl.
His little bundle of joy.


My dirty oily hands,
You kiss as though they were made of gold smeared in honey
My tools,
You clean with gentleness as though they were a sword of a Knight of Knights
My work,
You marvel at as though I was commander of armies of Knights

The touch of my greasy hands,
You yearn for as though they bore the warmth of the sun at dawn
My dirty feet,
You grovel at as though I was a god
My dusty head,
You crown as thought I was King of Kings

My eyes,
You look into as though in them lies salvation
My dry lips,
You kiss as though they were manna of life
My embrace,
You hold onto as though it was the breath you breathe

My dirty greasy lap,
You sit on as though it were a throne for a Queen of Queens
You honour me as though I am royalty
For many dare say, I deserve no such honour
For I am but a mere MECAHNIC

The “GET HER DRUNK” Mentality.

I know rape is mostly perpetuated by men and the blame is entirely placed on them. However, there are some situations where a man didn’t seem to know exactly that what he committed was rape because of extenuating circumstances. One circumstance in particular has been on my mind. And that is the situation where rape occurs when both the victim and the perpetrator are DRUNK.

So, I figured I could give a view that has fostered the phrase “Get Her Drunk” among guys. The thing is when most girls want to indulge in sex, they usually want to have a beer or two or some form of intoxication before getting down to a shag. They do so to numb their moral compass about sex before marriage, in most cases, or simply to have the courage to do it.

However, this has inevitably given guys the perception that girls can only indulge in sex when they are drunk. Because of this guys think when a girl says NO while she is sober, she is only playing hard to get because she is not drunk. As a result most guys think a girl saying yes to a drink implies yes to sex. And when a girl indulges in sex while sober, to guys it’s not just a girl being comfortable  with  her sexuality,  it’s her being a slut which is very wrong.

Keep in mind we live in a society with double standards where somehow its okay for men to sexually explore before matrimony yet it’s a HARD NO for girls. The question we fail to ask time and time again is who are men exploring sex with if girls are not allowed to explore.?? Are they shagging dogs or perhaps cows?

The worst part of the “Get Her Drunk Mentality” is that most guys who do it don’t think they are doing anything wrong. They think its normal because girls usually want to intoxicate themselves before sex.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming the victims of this heinous crime. I’m simply saying we need to change the perception and narrative about sex before marriage. And Ladies you need to stop the “I NEED TO BE TIPSY BEFORE I CAN SHAG” Mentality. It inevitably fosters a wrong perception about the state of mind a girl needs to be in before sex. Embrace your sexuality boldly. If a guy calls you are slut for sleeping with him while you are sober, dump that fool and walk with your head held high knowing you embrace your sexuality as opposed to being victimized.

Fellas, we need to invest in studying the Art of Seduction from either books or digital media (NOT Porn), so we stop indulging in this rampant DATE RAPE that has corroded our moral compass to the point of doing it without knowing we are raping. Hell we need to stop treating the “Get Her Drunk Mentality” like its normal in our GUY TALK Conversations. It has to stop Now. Because in future you will have a Daughter and I don’t think you want her falling victim to a behaviour you helped foster and normalize.

Ladies be bold with your sexuality. Embrace it and educate one another about it. It’s your body. Own its physical sensual needs as you own it when you flaunt it’s beauty.
Fellas study the Art of Seduction from books or Digital media. Better yet talk to your player friend who gets the girls with ease. Hell I bet YouTube has this stuff on it. And Porn has Zero Seduction Education Guys..!!!!! It doesn’t count as a source of digital media for Seduction Education.


The Man With A Dark Story

Often times when choosing a  lover or Leader, society has always chosen a man with a story of repentance from a dark past. The argument has always been that a repented man with a dark history has learned his lessons and can never error again. And if they do, it will be to a limited extent.

Yet time and time again we have seen these men do the exact opposite. Which is repeat the very dark “mistakes” they allegedly learned from for selfish reasons which benefit them.
When that happens, that is, a man continuing being unfaithful either be it in marriage or as a leader of a nation we cry faul saying he let us down.

Like how do we find the energy to complain when we knew the kind of man he was to begin with? True, ones history does not entirely define their future as people do change,  but shouldn’t history be a warning sign of what might come as history tends to repeat itself?

We completely sideline men with a clean story as we regard them to be too clean to be a leader without trial.

Point is I think it’s time we let clean men rule as they maybe what we need to restore morality to the leadership of the world at large because the men with juicy dark stories have turned this world into what it is today, A MESS  NOT FIT FOR HUMAN OCCUPATION.


She promised to come for him
He waited like a patient man he was
It was too late
When she arrived
Time was not on his side
So his last breath
Hopelessly she witnessed.
For time was all they needed
Yet they had none.

Song Lyrics

What I’ve learnt from the ocean
Hard to dance and rejoice in the motion
Let the sun have its moment
The moon will come

What I’ve learnt from a soldier
Every man is a son to a daughter
And we only remember
When we see the blood

What I’ve learnt from a traveler
There’s no road that can lead to nirvana
There’s a world to discover
But home is love

What I’ve learnt from a mirror
Look too hard and you’ll find you a stranger
Love is just a decision
The choice is yours

Jacob Banks – Slow Up

Drown Again

What drowns your poor heart my beloved?
She asked.
Deafening Silence she got
My mind lost in reminiscent.
My shoulder she patted
I turned to look at her.
The love in her eyes split my heart wide open.
So I bled on her.
I bled as though my aorta had been cut open.
I bled because bleeding is all I could  do.

I bled about the first Kiss.
I bled about the caress.
The first time I lost breath in her arms
Yet I was alive.
I had never been more alive.
Breathless yet so alive.
A Conundrum I can not fathom.

I bled about the laughs and cries we drowned in.
I bled about the smiles and frowns we masked ourselves with.
I bled about moments lost
Moments froze in time.
Most of all
My heart bled about the time we made love
A Hindi Song our soundtrack
Who knew that a Zeeworld Rhythm would make me find love in a Dark place.

I bled because bleeding is all my heart does.
Reminiscing about her
Cuts me open

She looked me in the eye.
Let go my child, She whispered.
Let go lest you bleed all your love away.
Let go.
Rivers don’t drown souls.
Souls drown in rivers.

Let go my child.
Lest this darkness engulfs your soul
Let light in again
For in pain their is nothing beyond wisdom and strength to gain.
Dance again
For sometimes love is pain
With everything to gain.

Sing again
For Rhythm & Soul is all the raving you need.
Let the Rhythm & Bluez die for a moment.
For a moment is all is needed to love again.
Do unleash all that holds you bondage.
For we drown in the River not for Falling In them.
We drown for staying submerged in them.
Not in the water but in Love.


Don’t Come closer, she screamed
I am an unforgiving inferno
Hell fire in the flesh on earth
To ash, flesh I turn
Love Me, Hate Me
Scorch you I will regardless
Touch me not lest I immolate  your touch of compassion

I fear not this stern caution
For I am made of ice
I am the arctic circle
My heart is an iceberg
My veins are a glacier
She sees not for she is blinded by her flames
In her fiery eyes I gaze
My heart I let bleed.

Hell yeah I wanna come closer
Its time for this Iceberg heart of mine to melt back to life
I have been cold for too long
An inferno is what I seek
Your hellish inferno is what I need to melt this iceberg.

Feel the burn in my heart once more
To live again is all I yearn for
I have grown weary of merely existing
I don’t mind the fumes
They are the smell of Eden and all its sweet nectars before the sin

Your inferno I will quench as you melt my chill.
Together we are fire and ice
A perfect storm of all ages
Tornados and Wild Fires will be our children
The fruit of your womb
Our creation
Our DNA personified
Our legacy imortalised

So hell yeah I wanna come closer
Together our hearts will bleed pain no more
Instead the love we were never given is all we will bleed
Bleeding love  – Leona Lewis
Fear no more
From the tomb came everlasting life and redemption

So hold my hand my fire
Let me quence that fire
Let me be your ice
Bleed no more
In union, we are stronger than titanium.
So let me COME CLOSER.

Modern Positivity

We live in a world that screams positivity from Mount Zion in Israel to the Table Mountains in South Africa. The positivity is so loud, it’s now a mere slogan. Barely applies to daily life. If you doubt, look at the suicide rate stats.

We are a sad generation that chants words and recites quotes like poems in kindergarten without fully understanding the meaning of these words. Much less fully comprehend the depth of the lesson they seek to teach. We have little appreciation for the process of growth so we would rather shout about it.

Being a progressive is all the talk. Madness marinated into social change. Anyway, I’m just but one guy trying to figure out why all the sudden being 30 years old means every woman between the age of 21 to 50 thinks when I approach them, I’m looking for a wife. Like back off. I’m just horny. No marriage in site. At least for now anyway.

So next time someone screams be POSITIVE, try being REALISTIC instead. It saves you a heartache later when things go south. And if things work out, Just SMILE and give your share of the round of applause.

Painting Pictures with Words

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