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Sorry to burst your bubble
But your father lied
Your mother is an even bigger liar

You can’t be anything you wanna be
You can’t do anything you want to do
Nothing sets you apart from the rest
You are just a mere mortal
No different from the rest.

Get up and get down in the dirt
For gold is found after a dig
Diamonds after a mud bath

Get up before the Bottle sets in
Harry up before failure poisons your soul

You cannot AFFORD to be PICKY on how you get there.
The DETOURS are PART of the Journey of getting there.

So quick making excuses.
The dream is not out there.
But you gotta Build it from INSIDE OUT.


I prayed
To the sea for a feeling so deep blue
To the volcano for a feeling so Amber, it burns
To the moon for a feeling so fluorescent
It lights up a devil’s heart.
I prayed to the sun for a feeling deep yellow

And memories of me with my friends come to heart.
The moment in the sun
The heat blazing on our faces
As we ran ourselves into dehydration
Swam in muddy waters to the dismay of mother
Summer smiles so joy filled
Disregarding the ass whipping waiting at home.

The moment under the moonlight
The calm of the night under the twilight
So blissful,
Love blossomed
Two by two cartapiller by two
We could barely see where we set foot
I guess love is truly blind

The moment  we fought over silly stupid things
Yet we remembered that we were more than those fights could ever be.
Loneliness still accompanies these memories

The moment in the sea
The cold water soaking our skin
Kisses, snuggles and tight hugs
Keeping us warm in this cold sea

The Sand Beneath our feet
Siavonga beaches so hot
Samfya beaches so warm
Dancing our hearts away
Like toddlers in the sandpit

The smell of the rain
Every drop on our faces was Devine
Soul cleansing like a bath long yearned for
And yearn for it we did
Our souls needed it

The dust on our faces
Linen Stained beyond washable
Like wine stain on a rug
Mother will get angry
Care for mother’s wrath we threw to the winds
For we were thirsting a cleansing so deep and sensual

We were joyful little creatures of the moon & sun
I wish I could stay longer my friends
But now its time to grow
Sing lullabies to my little ones
For they too need to make FRIENDS LIKE YOU.

Dark Side Of Me

Why do you love me?
She asked.
You say my name like you know the dark side of me
You engage my Demons in the art of dancing in the rain
You quench your thirst with my tears
Their taste is second to none
My fears you mock not
My heart you guide in the dark
Shelter in the rain.
When the storm hits
In my embrace you find a home.
The Art of dancing on infernos
You perfected on my hellish rage.

Without Purpose

Take my eyes
For if I can not see you
I have no use for sight

Take my heart
For if I cannot adore you
Then I have no need for it
I would rather be Davie Jones
Captain of the heartless men

I don’t wanna touch no more
For it is only you  I yearn to caress
While you’re at it
Cut my tongue
If cannot profess my affection to you
Then I need not speak.

For I would rather be a being without purpose
If my purpose is not to worship you.

A Memory In The Shadow

Let the breeze undress you
Let your garmets fall like autumn leaves
Expose the naked truth of your soul
It’s cold touch will caress your burning desires cool
It’s dark kisses will linger
Like a tangy sensation
A reminder of the love we once had
A Memory in the Shadow.


A place where I trust the toilet seat enough to not cleaning it before I sit on it.

A place where I feel safe to cry when I can’t take it anymore.

A place where I can be weird around people without feeling weird or awkward.

A place where I know I don’t have to prove my worth because everyone there knows my worth.

A place where I can dance without feeling awkward and sing with no worry about who is gonna laugh or sing along

Lastly a place where my siblings annoy me, make me happy, misunderstand me but understand me because we are all at different stages in Life so we don’t have pep talks unless its too deep to be shared with a friend.


My dirty oily hands,
You kiss as though they were made of gold smeared in honey
My tools,
You clean with gentleness as though they were a sword of a Knight of Knights
My work,
You marvel at as though I was commander of armies of Knights

The touch of my greasy hands,
You yearn for as though they bore the warmth of the sun at dawn
My dirty feet,
You grovel at as though I was a god
My dusty head,
You crown as thought I was King of Kings

My eyes,
You look into as though in them lies salvation
My dry lips,
You kiss as though they were manna of life
My embrace,
You hold onto as though it was the breath you breathe

My dirty greasy lap,
You sit on as though it were a throne for a Queen of Queens
You honour me as though I am royalty
For many dare say, I deserve no such honour
For I am but a mere MECAHNIC


She promised to come for him
He waited like a patient man he was
It was too late
When she arrived
Time was not on his side
So his last breath
Hopelessly she witnessed.
For time was all they needed
Yet they had none.