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She promised to come for him
He waited like a patient man he was
It was too late
When she arrived
Time was not on his side
So his last breath
Hopelessly she witnessed.
For time was all they needed
Yet they had none.

Drown Again

What drowns your poor heart my beloved?
She asked.
Deafening Silence she got
My mind lost in reminiscent.
My shoulder she patted
I turned to look at her.
The love in her eyes split my heart wide open.
So I bled on her.
I bled as though my aorta had been cut open.
I bled because bleeding is all I could  do.

I bled about the first Kiss.
I bled about the caress.
The first time I lost breath in her arms
Yet I was alive.
I had never been more alive.
Breathless yet so alive.
A Conundrum I can not fathom.

I bled about the laughs and cries we drowned in.
I bled about the smiles and frowns we masked ourselves with.
I bled about moments lost
Moments froze in time.
Most of all
My heart bled about the time we made love
A Hindi Song our soundtrack
Who knew that a Zeeworld Rhythm would make me find love in a Dark place.

I bled because bleeding is all my heart does.
Reminiscing about her
Cuts me open

She looked me in the eye.
Let go my child, She whispered.
Let go lest you bleed all your love away.
Let go.
Rivers don’t drown souls.
Souls drown in rivers.

Let go my child.
Lest this darkness engulfs your soul
Let light in again
For in pain their is nothing beyond wisdom and strength to gain.
Dance again
For sometimes love is pain
With everything to gain.

Sing again
For Rhythm & Soul is all the raving you need.
Let the Rhythm & Bluez die for a moment.
For a moment is all is needed to love again.
Do unleash all that holds you bondage.
For we drown in the River not for Falling In them.
We drown for staying submerged in them.
Not in the water but in Love.


Don’t Come closer, she screamed
I am an unforgiving inferno
Hell fire in the flesh on earth
To ash, flesh I turn
Love Me, Hate Me
Scorch you I will regardless
Touch me not lest I immolate  your touch of compassion

I fear not this stern caution
For I am made of ice
I am the arctic circle
My heart is an iceberg
My veins are a glacier
She sees not for she is blinded by her flames
In her fiery eyes I gaze
My heart I let bleed.

Hell yeah I wanna come closer
Its time for this Iceberg heart of mine to melt back to life
I have been cold for too long
An inferno is what I seek
Your hellish inferno is what I need to melt this iceberg.

Feel the burn in my heart once more
To live again is all I yearn for
I have grown weary of merely existing
I don’t mind the fumes
They are the smell of Eden and all its sweet nectars before the sin

Your inferno I will quench as you melt my chill.
Together we are fire and ice
A perfect storm of all ages
Tornados and Wild Fires will be our children
The fruit of your womb
Our creation
Our DNA personified
Our legacy imortalised

So hell yeah I wanna come closer
Together our hearts will bleed pain no more
Instead the love we were never given is all we will bleed
Bleeding love  – Leona Lewis
Fear no more
From the tomb came everlasting life and redemption

So hold my hand my fire
Let me quence that fire
Let me be your ice
Bleed no more
In union, we are stronger than titanium.
So let me COME CLOSER.


They beat him down
Every corner he turns to
Hate is all he finds
His heart they squeeze
Living no room to breathe

His heart darkens by the second
He smiles to fight the darkness
Every word they spew poisons his soul
He becomes a man with dark thoughts

Anger, hate and wrath he embraces
Yet he smiles to keep the peace
He laughs to fight the darkness
Yet his heart still darkens
All the little lights put out
Little by little the darkness begins to bleed
Dark humour, its manifestation

They laugh
Little do they know
The hate they gave him
His soul it has consumed
Nothing good left to give the world

A sword of vengeance he becomes
Little by little he bleeds it out
Mini outbursts of rage downplayed
He has a bit of a temper, they say
Not knowing a tornado of all things dark swirls inside
Ready to level it all to the hollow grave

He was not born a monster
For we make men out of monsters
Monsters are our creation
Now a King Shaka stands strong before them

In fear they live
On there knees they plead
Impaled they are
The price of hate is paid

The Curse Of Being Born Male

Don’t cry they say.
Boys don’t cry.
Shake if it off.
Hide your feelings.

Emotion is for weak men.
Big boys suck it up.
Don’t show aggression.
Harness the frustration.

Don’t throw a punch.
That’s animalistic.
Be gentle.
Show love and understanding.

They forget I’m human.
I have feelings that get hurt.
Hurt needs healing.
Frustration needs venting.

So I hold it all in.
An emotional balloon builds.
Minor offenses feel like a thousand needles.
Still I force a smile.
Pretend I’m okay.

When fellow men bruise my ego.
This balloon of emotion lets out some air.
Outbursts, its prophecy.
Punches, its manifestation.
To minor offences,
I respond with earthquake magnitude aggression.

Yet they expect me to love her right.
Hold her when she cries.
Wipe her tears with gentle tenderness.
Give her an ear when she vents.
Love her despite all the hurt raging inside.

How does a hurting heart love?
How does one even love oneself when they are broken inside?
Hurting beyond all that hurts.
How does one love another when they don’t know how to love oneself.

Sex is all the release I have.
Liquor is all the sedative I got.
Abuse it is all I do.
What’s a hurting broken soul to do if healing is a far fetched dream.

For this is a curse society puts on boys and men.
Not allowed to cry.
Not allowed to punch.
Not allowed to show emotions.
For it’s all weakness.

Girls taught emotional men are weak boys in need of their mothers.
Yet taught to expect love.
The biggest emotion from a being taught to be out of touch with his emotions.

What a conundrum.


Take my heart
Hold it firm but gentle
Caress it with tender passion
Light a fire in your soul
Keep it warm

Shield it from all that’s cold and grim
Water it with love,
Garden it compassion
Nurture it with understanding
This is my only condition

Feel its beat
Sync it with yours
For in your heart is where my heart is at HOME.


I yearned for your heart
You gave me the world
I yearned for your touch
You filled my hands with wealth
I thirsted for your kiss
You wined me with the finest wine
I yearned for your embrace
You clothed me with the finest of garments
I yearned to be by your side
You indulged me in your countless adventures

Now here I am
A fine rose
Red as blood
Scented in heavenly essence
A beauty to behold by a galaxy of watchful eyes
The world’s eighth wonder
Properly watered
Yet void of love
You forsake the words of the wise
If Not Loved Right, Roses Bleed Even If They Are Well Watered


For healing
I prayed
Now that I found it
This numbness kills me inside
Because some part of me
Misses the pain

The pain your heart caused mine
I guess I was more afraid of losing you
Than I needed to heal
I guess the pain was the only connection left
The only connection I had left to you
Because without it
I feel lost

I guess for a long time I chose to hurt
Because losing you to a mere memory from my past
Was too terrifying a reality
My heart could not bear
So long pain
I guess it’s time to HEAL.