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There is hole in my heart
Only your smiles, giggles and laughs can fill
Don’t get me wrong
Your tears will quench my thirst
For I know I’m a fool

Sooner or later
I will make the water works flow
And when they do
You and I will have a little one
She will look like you
She will call me daddy

I will love her
Protect her
And shield her from all that’s dark and grim
She will be my princess
And you my queen of the Kingdom of us.

Letter To My Unborn Son

Hello Son
Your old man here.
I know you feel like being 5 sucks
Trust me, it’s the best age.
Your mother loves you more than she hates your mischief
At this age she will forgive everything you do
You are her little Prince.
You own her heart.
Heck you are my only competition at this stage.
In fact, you are winning all day, every day.

At age 10. You rock her world.
She only babys you because she is afraid you’re growing too fast.
She is afraid, 6 more years and some girl will steal her place in your heart.
So stay young, young Lion.
I know you think I’m the coolest
All because of all the goofing around we do
Soon I will be hard on you
Don’t hate me for it
I have to turn you into a man before my time comes
If I fail at this then I have failed as a man and father

At age 16, you think you are a man.
You’re not even close
Just because you can get it up don’t make you a man
There is more to being a man than boners
It’s about responsibility
Something you are only beginning to learn
Please do break a few hearts between now and 18.

Because at 18, you will think you are ready to have a wife.
Jokes is what that is.
Don’t fool yourself
That’s a heart break waiting to happen
There is a reason she is called a sweet sixteen
God does her make-up.
No one does make-up better than God.

At age 21, now you and I can have adult conversations
More complex than what we’ll have when you turn 18.
Here I will teach you about becoming your own Vanguard.
Time to fight the boogeyman
John Wick don’t play.
They don’t call him Baba Yaga for Nothing
Ask Winston or Sophia
Better yet visit the many graves of boys who thought they were men
I don’t mean to scare you
I just wanna make sure you are ready
Ready to do for your son what I’m doing for you
Like my father did for me.

At 25, you will be king
The 21 year olds will look like everything you need in a woman
Just remember that a 21year old is an advanced version of a sweet 16.
God’s make-up version 21.0
Be weary of this one
Her heartbreak will define your perception of love for life.

At age 30, life will get confusing
Now everyone will only care about what you can do
Your potential doesn’t matter anymore
Your are not 25 anymore
Potential is out the window
Gone with the wind.

So hang in there
Pan not intended.
But keep hanging, will you?
I’m not delaying
I’m just getting me ready
Ready for when time comes.
Time for me to pass on my Wisdow and Time itself to you.

Yours Faithfully and Sincerely.