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Without Purpose

Take my eyes
For if I can not see you
I have no use for sight

Take my heart
For if I cannot adore you
Then I have no need for it
I would rather be Davie Jones
Captain of the heartless men

I don’t wanna touch no more
For it is only you  I yearn to caress
While you’re at it
Cut my tongue
If cannot profess my affection to you
Then I need not speak.

For I would rather be a being without purpose
If my purpose is not to worship you.

Song Lyrics

What I’ve learnt from the ocean
Hard to dance and rejoice in the motion
Let the sun have its moment
The moon will come

What I’ve learnt from a soldier
Every man is a son to a daughter
And we only remember
When we see the blood

What I’ve learnt from a traveler
There’s no road that can lead to nirvana
There’s a world to discover
But home is love

What I’ve learnt from a mirror
Look too hard and you’ll find you a stranger
Love is just a decision
The choice is yours

Jacob Banks – Slow Up

A Worrior’s Dilemma

He is someone’s son
Someone’s brother
Someone’s father
Yet so am I

Here I stand
In the face of difficult a dilemma
I took an oath
To protect and serve the Republic
My Republic
So did he.

The lord says take no life
Vengeance is for the lord
I wish not to die today
I promised mother to come home
So did he
Lest the meal she prepared gets cold

If I shoot, he will break his mother’s heart
If I don’t shoot
I’ll break mother’s heart
The meal will get cold as a corpse

So I put my finger on the trigger
Pray he does not shoot either
Hope my General sees not
Lest I’m labelled weak
Worse, a traitor.

Kill or be killed
Show mercy and die
Shoot and take another’s life
Its Survival of the first shooter
Not the fittest.